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Genuine leather model

Model: VC9-1625

Suitable for garment, car seat, sofa and leather cutting and large-format cutting. Dual-head can work separately, higher efficiency and saving more materials.


Specification Parameter

Redefine the cutting standard

Perfection in all details
Dual-head async system
Suitable for various shoe uppers cutting, Perfect dual head async motion control systems, greatly improve processing speed and quality.
Automatic feeding, gripping feed system
Genuine intergrated feeding system not stripping. Multi-materials auto-feeding including knitted fabric, cloth, leather, foam (capable of multi-layers feeding). The software can automatically measure the feeding length according to nesting, Matching one sheet perfectly with another, saving materials. Gripfeeding to ensure materials flat and stable.
Dual projector positioning system
Instant preview of nesting effects - convenient, fast.
IoT system
Based on basic needs of footwear industry and GBOS customized database, GBOS IoT system matches ERP systems of shoe factories for data transmission and assists them efficiently in both production data recording and productivity arrangements.
Smart nesting system
This feature is more reasonable compared with the normal patterns arranging. It is easier to operate and save materials. It is capable of arranging odd number of patterns, cutting leftover materials and divided cutting of large patterns (unlimited feeding length).
Pneumatic knife, electric knife (optional)
Standard electric,Catering to various cutting needs, multi-options are available including 5 types of knife, 1 marking pen, 2 types of punching heads. Pneumatic knife, electric knife (optional) high speed separate punching.
CCD/SCCD Visual positioning (optional)
Feature point locating and cutting/Multipoint locating and cutting/Contour extraction and cutting/Intelligent recognition and cutting.

Modules & Tools

It is more accurate than the traditional crafts, and more efficiency.

Comprehensive Customer Support

Service contract; Remote service; Customer service center; Training; Hardware upgrade; Component stock; Special task support; Upgrade/moving/renew; Service at production facility; Sample innovation & development; Technology Transfer; Process SOP;