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Moving Toward the Age of Digitalization and Intelligence

Moving Toward the Age of Digitalization and Intelligence
Moving Toward the Age of Digitalization and Intelligence
Fri, 09/01/2023 - 08:36

In recent years, more and more modern and intelligent equipment has entered the manufacturing plant. The arrival of these intelligent equipment for the traditional manufacturing industry has brought a multitude of convenience and timeliness, so that cannot be counted, cannot analyze the data and process have been improved. " Better tools make for good work ", with the user for the quality, the appearance of shoes, and other aspects of the requirements of the increasing, bringing the problem of a wide variety of footwear products, and then slowly formed a multi-species and small batch production mode. This means that the automated production line of the shoe factory needs to have higher flexibility and digital, intelligent production capacity.


The same intelligent equipment can give different solutions according to different application scenarios. For example, there are solutions for large factories to produce large quantities of goods; solutions for sample rooms and MINI production lines to prepare for small quantities and fast delivery.




  • Digital and intelligent equipment is the basis for upgrading the shoe industry


With the continuous rise of many factor costs, the increasingly complex and volatile international trade environment, as well as the rapid rise of the footwear industry in Southeast Asia and other places, China's footwear industry is facing increasing competition. According to relevant data, the share of domestic footwear production in the world has been on a downward trend for several consecutive years. The role of the domestic market in pulling the domestic footwear industry is becoming more and more obvious, and the demand for a small amount of diversified, rapid response and quality-oriented consumption has continuously put forward new requirements for industrial upgrading. With the technology represented by intelligent manufacturing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, it has begun to integrate with the traditional manufacturing industry, bringing new opportunities for the next round of upgrading and development.




  • Digitalization and Intelligent is the inevitable development trend


Not long ago, I was very fortunate to visit a senior engaged in the footwear industry for more than 20 years, in the exchange with the senior (James Gau), he said: now many workers in the shoe factory are very lack of material utilization and cost of cognition, coupled with the cost of manpower and the rising cost of materials, so that many shoe companies suffer a lot. At the same time, he said, if you do not use digital, intelligent equipment to replace the traditional production methods. Just the cost invested in shoe molds is a large sum of money, and also need to be maintained on a regular basis. So from the beginning of the factory, James Gau began to look for suitable intelligent equipment to enhance their core competitiveness. He has been engaged in his own experience of more than 20 years to tell us that "digital, intelligent" must be the future development trend, the earlier you plan, the sooner you benefit.




  • Focus on small batch "fast" delivery solutions


At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change and China's accelerated transformation of economic development to form a convergence. Suitable for small batch, fast delivery solutions, these three intelligent cutting products, can really empower production, improve production efficiency and quality. These three intelligent equipments are even specially tailored for the sample room and MINI production line of shoe factories.


And they all have the following features at the same time:

1. Fine and compact: focusing on small quantities of "fast" delivery, adapted to a variety of "hive" scenarios. They completely replace the traditional board room, mark frame, sample release machine, scissors cut shoes, punching, etc..
2. Solving the problem of complicated process of traditional sample room: digital blade cutting system, a single output can complete the process of cutting, punching, drawing lines and so on.
3. Extremely flexible: one portable mobile, can be used with the production line! All three machines can be connected to GBOS IoT Bridge to create a digital factory!




In the future, every process on manufacturing production will be data-enabled, and we believe that through the analysis of data, we will be able to improve production efficiency. Join hands with GBOS, let's make a plan now!

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