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garment footwear sample room
Sample Room
Digital sample room knife cutting solutions for garment, footwear, etc industry. from originality designing to product developing, from sample making to mass production. Die-less digital process promote product development periods into fast track, sample development compatible with any format, help you response to customers's need in a short period of time, and increasing the competitiveness of your business.
One-stop smart cutting solutions
digital garment sample room
Samplemaking of garment
Apparel design individuation & digital, creativity without limits, optimize you template at any time, quickly response customers' demands; Automatic development process, smart cutting process, promote lean samples room.
digital footwear application sample room
Samplemaking of shoes
Automatic knife digital cutting with die-less; Cutting, punching, line marking are integrated, multi-function modules quickly change. Digital combine mass production and template perfectly, no error cutting, is the first choice for the benefits and efficiency in shoe factory.

Comprehensive Customer Support

Service contract; Remote service; Customer service center; Training; Hardware upgrade; Component stock; Special task support; Upgrade/moving/renew; Service at production facility; Sample innovation & development;