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packing industry knife cutting solutions
Sign & Graphic
Expand your business and double your capacity!
No matter POS display products, stickers, traffic signs or billboards, etc. Our cutting solutions can improve your cut workflow. Also support a wide range of advertising material applications, which can bring more possibility to your customers, support processing any complex patterns.
One-stop smart cutting solutions
Signage knife cutting
These kinds of products are processed in a wide format include interior and exterior forms of printed signage for exhibitions, store displays, and billboards. Especially in retail, architecture, and interior design. GBOS with an accurate large-format cutting system which can provide the advanced cutting technologies that it required, using newest technology strictly control the quality of production,no more manually signage cutting, quickly respond to the different needs of customers.
Soft signage digital knife cutting
Soft signage
Digital knife cutting system with high speed and large area precisely cutting, used for flags, banners, knife scrapers and other soft signage outline cutting.
Display knife cutting
The most important thing to present the merchandise is the POS. Equipped with advanced tool modules, help you to create your ideal shapes of POS or POP-UP displays.
Labels and stickers knife cutting
Labels and stickers
For a large number of prints and posters that need to be cut faster and more efficiently, we offer both half-cut and full-cut solutions to meet all your requirements.

Comprehensive Customer Support

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