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GBOS VisionScan Software Center
CCD, SCCD, SSCCD for different applications. Vision technology enables accurate cutting, help you to solve the problem of single variety, poor effect, long time, low efficiency, etc.

 Visual positioning

                                                  GBOS VisionScan software center                                                      

Multipoint locating and cutting; Contour extraction and cutting; Feature point locating and cutting; Intelligent recognition and cutting.

Multipoint locating and cutting
Contour extraction and cutting
Feature point locating and cutting
Intelligent recognition and cutting

CCD vision identifying and positioning function

Super recognition accuracy, Error about ±0.2mm

SCCD Super VisionScan and positioning function

Large pattern identifying

SSCCD, Matching plaids & strips is the camera position function

Plaids matching

Edge reading

Multi mode automatic matching

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