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underwear cutting solutions
With the constantly innovating for future underwear manufacturing process, more and more high demand on fabric comfort, traditional cutting process can't meet production requirements, how to solve it? - Try personalized digital cutting.
Since establishment in 2005, GBOS devoted to R&D machines for underwear application all the time. Provide newest technical support for achieving new art-craft and automatic production of special materials.
One-stop smart cutting solutions
Seamless craft
Seamless craft
GBOS Smart digital knife cutting machine combine Bemis PUR glue, innovated PUR seamless dispensing technology, and explored the integrated dispensing + cutting technology specially designed for underwear fabrics to improve the comfort of your clothes.
High-stretch & Seamless underwear
High-stretch & Seamless underwear
Digital cutting technology ensures that Lycra and other high-elastic flexible materials are not deformed during multi-layer cutting; The cutting effect is accurate without burrs. And also keep the same elasticity for the processed Lycra material.
underwear digital samples room
Sample Room
Digital sample room solutions, with multiple processes completed in one-time, replace board room, marker, stakeout machine, scissors, punching. Realizing a truly digital underwear sample room.
Excellence line(small volume orders)
Excellence line(small volume orders)
Achieve 0 stock with digital solutions for personalization.
Faced with a large number of customized small volume and complicated orders, it's no longer to quickly response with traditional production pattern. The key is to using auto digital knife machine to achieve fast, precise, saving production pattern, enabling a massive increase in the speed of product iteration.

Comprehensive Customer Support

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